Friday, November 14, 2008

About me

I'm a self-taught Aussie artist who lives in a quiet Melbourne town-house with my lovely boyfriend, two demanding cats and a bright blue Siamese fighting fish called Jet Li (RIP Jet Li).

During the day, I work as a creative director. At night, I draw my girls.

I like to work in pencil as I have absolutely no patience and I hate waiting for paint to dry. Watercolour is also great fun (and dries quickly!) - it has a mind of its own and I love the surprise results you can get from it.

I draw flirty, quirky girls. I love their curves, their huge eyes and big hair. I simply can't draw boys - I always want to brighten their skin tones and exaggerate their features until they wind up looking like drag queens!

Lowbrow art is my absolute passion - I trawl through lowbrow sites and pour over magazines trying to find artists I haven't seen before. It's always a thrill to come across a new name and discover a new style. I learnt how to draw from studying Mark Ryden and Joe Sorren's work - trying to figure out how they get the effects they create.

xxx kate


Deborah said...

I only recently started looking into ACEO's and I was looking on ETSY....I saw your work and it was love at first are truly amazing...I think you should have a book or something...on t.v. as a cartoon....your work is a breath of fresh air...I can't wait to go back and see what else you have of luck and thank you for the "eye candy"!

Unknown said...

vos dessins sont très jolies ! j'adore

Unknown said...

Hi Kate,

I saw an image of yours on the Facebook page of a mutual friend. I love your stuff and was happy to see that your inspiration comes from two of my favourite artists, Mark Ryden and Joe Sorren. Congratulations on your art and good luck for the future.

Lisa Taylor

Unknown said...
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krispy1121 said...

I absolutely love your artwork! I love the uniqueness of your girls...big eyes, big head, big's all great! I use them for creating signatures (or tags) for people, and they're so fun to work with. Thanks for your creativity!